Obviously, You are the girl in the picture, and you are embarrassed because you sounded like a fucking retard, so now you are pretending to be "some girl" holding the URL for her? lol. I can't believe anyone ACTUALLY believes that.

HAHAHAHHAAHAH no. Sorry but you are wrong. I am not the girl in the picture. Don’t believe me? Message me for my tumblr URL’s. And yeah, people actually believe that since this blog gets tons of messages everyday and has 275+ followers -.-

For those of you messaging me say “insertURLhere” is her new blog, STOP.

I check every single one and none so far have been her.

So if you’re trying to self promote, just stop you’re wasting your time.

Unless you truly know her new blog it’s fine to message me.

But as of now I don’t know if she has a tumblr.

Thank you.

P.S like this post if you like One Direction. I’m curious.

For anyone confused, Nevershoutgabbie just reblogged that post, and was unfortunate enough to be the one screenshotted for Facebook... The original poster was Sweeter-than-suga, but she deactivated.
Awww, I thought this is the tumblr of that pregnant woman.. :< I've been fooled.O.o


The girl who is in the picture with her pregnant is actually named Ana. She used to have a tumblr and I followed her until she deactived/ changed her url.
Wait, so, the original pregnant gabbie, had this url? right? but she changed/deleted it, and now you're just saving it for her incase she wants it back, right?

The original picture says it was posted by ‘nevershoutgabbie’. nevershoutgabbie wasn’t actually the one who posted it. So no, gabbie did not have this url, i just found this out today. i’m so confused tbh,

Noo that URL is to a different Gabbie.


how far along is gabbie? because last time she said she was 19 weeks... and why did she delete??

I don’t know the answer to both, sorry :( x

how did you even get this account from her? and what is gabbies last name? that picture was so inspiring.

I didn’t get it from her. This URL wasn’t taken so I decided to save it. I don’t know her last name. I thought it was inspiring too :’) x

t0infinityn-bey0nd(.)tumblr(.)com is gabbie's url

it is?